Mention Benefit Cosmetics and cheeky product names and quirky Americanized posters come to mind. Living up to its creative branding and marketing, the launch of Benefit Cosmetics “They’re Real” tinted lash primer was held at an unconventional location. A pole dancing studio, Studio Sands.

Pole dancing might still be a bit of a social stigma in today’s modern society which is not helped by the sleaze and sex that has been portrayed through media.Choosing a reputable studio to learn this art from is tantamount to a good experience and Studio Sands is one such place. After my first experience of pole dancing, I feel like I had a good workout of the core, arms and thighs. If you are also interested in trying out pole dancing, Studio Sands is offering beginner lessons of 4 sessions for only S$39. Details can be found on their website, I should most probably be signing myself up for these lessons after I gather a couple of girl friends to join in the fun!

Here’s a short video of the fun pole dancing lesson and head over to for the full event coverage.